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အငယ်တန်း Editor ကို

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ယောဘသည်အပေါ် posted
05 / 14 / 19


We are looking for a part-time junior editor to work Friday and Saturday nights. The junior editor will be responsible for moving live asset and news package edits and deliveries forward during the weekends and providing on site support to engineering and content teams in the field/at remote locations.

This is a both a creative editing and technical asset delivery position. The ideal candidate is collaborative and must be able to make snap judgements and communicate clearly and effectively while frequently being the only person in the office.

This is a part-time position based in NY.


Review live show rundowns and communicate with editorial staff about element needs
Begin new package edits and move “in progress” edits forward
Communicate with your weekday counterpart about prioritization
Edit and deliver daily “hits” to various distribution partners
Pull in video and sound from various sources and deliver to playback in the proper format
Archive old media and remove from storage servers (will train)
Ingest footage from the field team as it comes in
Assist with remote ingest and other studio/engineering tasks as needed (will train)


Premiere Pro based
Previous experience editing Broll/VO assets, SOTs and packages for live news and/or sports is required
Ability to work independently, make quick judgments and communicate effectively without supervision
Team player and collaborative
Available to start immediately

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