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Magewell Named to Inaugural Streaming Media Producer 25 List of Online Video Production Innovators


Company and its solutions recognized for leadership in empowering professional media producers

ဧပြီလ 23, 2019 - နန်ကျင်း, တရုတ်: Magewell is honored to be selected as one of the inaugural Streaming Media Producer 25 list of hardware, software and cloud service innovators that are “moving and shaking live production and delivery today.”

The company will showcase the expanding product portfolio that helped it earn this accolade in booth 205 at the upcoming Streaming Media East conference and expo, taking place May 7 and 8 in New York City.

အဆိုပါ Streaming Media Producer 25 highlights companies who develop and manufacture gear that not only demonstrates promise or prowess in one or more stages of the live production and streaming process, but also fits well as part of a multi-vendor kit that makes the overall workflow successful. An expert panel of Streaming မီဒီယာထုတ်လုပ်သူ contributing editors identified the 25 companies who, more than their competitors, are driving innovation and shaping successful workflows among professional online video producers today.

Streaming Media Producer 25Magewell was historically best known for the exceptional quality, reliability and price/performance value of its capture devices, but recently has expanded its product lines to bring the same benefits to other critical production workflow functions including conversion, streaming and playout – a fact not lost on the judging panel.

“Magewell’s Pro ကို Capture အ နှင့် USB မှတ် Capture အ Plus အား lines are go-to-devices for a vast range of video producers to get video out of their cameras and ready to stream and record,” said Steve Nathans-Kelly, editor of Streaming မီဒီယာထုတ်လုပ်သူ. “Magewell’s latest forays into stream encoding with the ultra Stream HDMI and IP video with the Pro ကို converter NDI® encoder promise to keep Magewell in the thick of things for some time to come.”

Magewell Pro ကို NDI များအတွက် SDI 4K Plus အားပြောင်းSimilar to how Magewell’s Pro ကို Capture အ PCIe ကတ်များနှင့် USB မှတ် Capture အ external devices enable users to easily bring professional video and audio sources into popular software, the Pro ကို converter family offers plug-and-play solutions for bringing such signals into and out of live, IP-based workflows using NewTek’s NDI technology. ultra Stream standalone encoders make live streaming and recording simple even for non-professional users, providing intuitive control through on-unit buttons or an elegant smartphone app. Additionally, the Eco Capture အ family of M.2 cards delivers high-performance capture in an ultra-compact form factor with low power consumption, while the Flex ကို I / O product line combines Magewell’s powerful capture benefits with high-quality playout capabilities.

“We are always looking for new ways to make professional content producers’ lives easier, whether through expanded capabilities, simpler operation, or seamless integrations that streamline the end-to-end workflow,” said Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell. “Our selection to the Streaming Media Producer 25 reflects our ongoing success in achieving these goals, and we look forward to bringing more innovations to the live, online production market in the future.”

Magewell အကြောင်းပိုမိုသိရှိလိုပါက, သွားရောက်ကြည့်ရှုကျေးဇူးပြုပြီး www.magewell.com.

Magewell အကြောင်း - 2011, Magewell (ခုနှစ်တွင်တည်ထောင်ခဲ့သောwww.magewell.com) ဒီဇိုင်းများနှင့်ဗီဒီယိုနှင့်အသံဖမ်း, အပြောင်းအလဲနဲ့, streaming များနှင့်ပလေးအောက်အဘို့အဟာ့ဒ်ဝဲနှင့်ဆော့ဖ်ဝဲဖြစ်ပေါ်ပါသည်။ စဉ်ဆက်မပြတ်ဆန်းသစ်တီထွင်မှု၏အခြေခံမူလမ်းညွှန်နှင့်ထူးချွန်ဖောက်သည်ဝန်ဆောင်မှုပေးနှင့်အတူ, Magewell က၎င်း၏ဖြေရှင်းချက်၏ခြွင်းချက်အရည်အသွေး, စွမ်းဆောင်ရည်နှင့်ယုံကြည်စိတ်ချရမှုအတွက်အားကြီးသောဂုဏ်သတင်းရရှိထားပြီးပါပြီ။ တကမ္ဘာလုံးဖြန့်ဝေ, Magewell ထုတ်ကုန်တိုက်ရိုက်ဖြစ်ရပ် streaming, ထုတ်လွှင့်, ဆေးဘက်ဆိုင်ရာပုံရိပ်, ဟောပြောပွဲဖမ်းမိ, စောင့်ကြည့်, video conferencing, ဂိမ်းနှင့်ပိုပြီးအပါအဝင်ပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်ဗီဒီယိုက applications တွေကိုအသုံးပြုကြသည်။


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